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Urethane Foam Roofers, is the undisputed leader in providing exceptional quality spray polyurethane foam roofing, wall insulation, storage tank insulation systems, and foam roof inspections and certifications. For over 28 years, we have installed our spray foam roofing and insulation systems for thousands of clients throughout the South and Eastern parts of the United States, and have earned a reputation throughout our service area for providing excellent customer service and superior foam roofing and foam insulation products. At Urethane Foam Roofers, we are committed to following the highest standards of professionalism in all that we do.

As much as 40% of a building's energy is lost due to air infiltration. Gaps, holes and air leaks which can all be prevented can make energy bills unnecessarily high and let valuable resources go to waste.

Spray foam offers a solution: it performs as both insulation and an air sealant, or air barrier, closing those nooks and crannies that let air escape and add dollars to monthly energy bills. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Energy Star program estimates that by adding insulation and sealing air leaks, you could save up to 20% on your monthly energy bills.

Spray plyurethane foam roofs (SPF) form a seamless roofing system. To be seamless means it has no joints or seams that often allow outside water and air to pass through the roofing system into the building structure. Because a spray foam roof conforms to the substrate when installed, this seamless system is ideal for flashing parapet walls, equipment, skylights, and cooling towers. Many roof leaks are caused by faulty flashing, and spray foam roofs solves this problem. In re-roofing applications, ponding water may be eliminated by adding an increased thickness of roof insulation, called spray foam, in low areas. Building up the low areas and sloping the roof so that it drains properly will eliminate ponding water. It will also help reduce additional weight load caused by this water accumulation.

Before the installation can start, the existing roof (or substrate) needs to be prepared. Rather than stripping the existing roof, the contractor will most likely prepare the substrate by getting rid of all dirt, dust, and contaminants. This can be done with air pressure, vacuuming, or even just sweeping.

The first layer put down by the contractor is the polyurethane foam. This foam is created by combining two liquids (a polyol/resin and an isocyanate) as it's sprayed onto the existing roof substrate.

As the liquid is sprayed onto the existing roof, it creates a foam that expands 20 times in size to form a solid, seamless foam surface. When the foam has expanded, this layer is usually between 1 and 1.5 inches in thickness. Since the polyurethane foam adheres to most common surfaces, it can be installed on any roof slope.

When the SPF layer has been completed, it's then coated with a layer(s) of elastomeric silicone or acrylic coating with embedded granules. This layer is generally between 20 and 30 mils (a mil is a thousandth of an inch .001 inch.) in thickness. The coating protects the roof and SPF from UV light, weather, normal wear and provides the required fire ratings.

When the installation is complete, it will create a seamless, durable, moisture-resistant renewable foam roof covering.

We have provided our competitively-priced professional spray foam roofing, wall insulation, tank coating, and roof maintenance, inspection, and certification services businesses for decades. Our highly trained roofing professionals can install our durable, lightweight spray polyurethane roofing systems directly over your existing asphalt-based roof system. Our foam roofing systems are lightweight, and will not burden your roof's structural load, and their seamless design is highly resistant to the development of leaks. Moreover, foam roof insulation can make business owners eligible for local utility company rebates and state and federal tax credits.

Spray polyurethane foam roofing systems are lightweight, leak proof, and extremely durable, and can be applied directly over existing asphalt-based flat roofs. When combined with foam wall insulation, they provide superior thermal performance over traditional roofing and wall insulation systems, creating a solid environmental envelope around home, and protecting your family from the infiltration of dust, pollutants, pollen, and also providing an effective barrier against outside noise. Spray polyurethane foam roofing and wall insulation systems are simply the highest quality insulation systems available today for maximal home comfort.