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What is Sprayed Polyurethane Foam?
SPF is a closed cell roofing and insulation material that forms a seamless, monolithic barrier that prevents air and water infiltration. SPF systems are referred to as "self-flashing" because they can be applied to vertical surfaces such as parapet walls and roof penetrations in a continguous manner, thus eliminating seams and cold joints - the main source of roof leaks.

Layers of a typical roofing application

Advantages of SPF:

  • Minor Maintenance
  • Renewable Warranty with simple recoats
  • Elasticity and strength
  • Lower energy costs
  • No thermal bridging
  • Highest R value insulation
  • Lower roof temperatures
  • Lower AC costs
  • Reflects solar radiation
  • Water cannot migrate through closed cell foam
  • Positive drainage
  • High wind uplift resistance
  • No deck penetration
  • Usually no tear-off
  • Conforms to irregular shapes
  • Adheres to almost any substrate
  • No fasteners, no welding, no gluing
  • Lower labor cost
  • Locations around the United States using SPF:

  • George Bush Presidential Library
  • GE Alliance Park
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City
  • Ford Motor Company
  • General Motors
  • Xerox World Headquarters
  • IBM Headquarters
  • The Superdome, New Orleans

  • Problem-plagued Convention Center Roof

    Same Roof - Leak Free after SPF

    Locations using SPF applied by Urethane Foam Roofers, Inc. :

  • Atlanta Rent-A-Car
  • City of Atlanta
  • General Motors
  • Georgia Power
  • Lindsey's Realty
  • Coweta County Schools
  • Newnan Utilities

  • Polk County
  • PYA Monarch
  • Service Master
  • Toto Industries
  • Troup County
  • Troup County Jail
  • Tyson Chicken
    • Also, several banks and churches. Please feel free to phone us for additional references!